Hygenic India: How COVID Pandemic can teach us to be more Hygenic

A few days ago, I had read one story explaining the reason behind the lower impact of COVID Pandemic on Japan. They have demonstrated & made a case that Hygiene is in the blood of Japanese people. They wear the mask in regular days, they bow in front of other people to greet, cleaned houses ( it’s seen as bad morals to have a dirty home), the habit of taking off the shoes at own as well as others houses and put on house slippers etc. There are many stories around the unique practices followed in Japan.

In India, As the COVID-19 outbreak prompted a surge in people adopting new habits like wearing the mask, washing hands, avoiding handshakes, washing groceries, maintain some social distances etc. The is new for us as pre-COVID times we were fearless. The fear of coming into the contact of coronavirus has brought awareness to maintain Hygiene in one or another way. This fear forced us to follow the basic rules of Hygiene.

Apart from the downside of the pandemic, we can expect that new habit of maintaining Hygiene can go long and will inculcate deeply into us. We all can hope for a New India who is more conscious about cleanliness & personal Hygiene.



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